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Shampoo Seats and Carpets in
San Antonio

Your carpets and seat absorb EVERYTHING so keep them kept up and never wounder "what's in my carpets."

   What to expect when getting this service 

Shampooing seats and carpet can make them look amazing and make your car smell great while even getting rid of bad odors that are stuck in the carpets. However this does not mean we can get every stain out sometimes they’ve just been there too long or the liquid is hard to get out. Along with a bunch more reasons this might happen. Especially with a tan interior they are not easy to make look perfect, because of the light color dark spots and different types of stains are very visible. If this is you, you may want to look into taking extra care of your carpets and seats by scheduling a maintenance shampooing for once a month or every couple of months to take that tan color and reduce the spottiness in the tan carpets and seats. We will always try our best to make the carpets look perfect and if something won’t come out or is not up to our standard or yours we will bring it to your attention at the end of the detail. Being transparent is something we value a lot and try our hardest to maintain a good trustworthy relationship with all of our customers. 

Seat Shampooing prices 

For this service the prices are the same no matter the vehicle, size or dirtiness.

Standard Pricing 

All vehicles are that same prices for this service 


car seats

Looks and Feels Great

Shampooing the carpets and seats makes your car's interior look like new again. It gets rid of all the stains, dirt, and grime, bringing back the original color and softness of the fabric. This not only makes your car look fresh and well-kept but also makes it more comfortable and inviting for you and your passengers.​

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Healthier Environment

Regularly shampooing your car’s carpets and seats helps get rid of allergens, bacteria, and bad smells. This is especially important if you have allergies or asthma, as it reduces dust mites and other irritants. A clean interior means better air quality inside your car, which is healthier for everyone.​

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Longer Lasting Interior

Keeping your car’s carpets and seats clean with regular shampooing helps them last longer. It removes dirt and particles that can wear down the fabric over time. By taking care of your car’s interior, you can avoid unnecessary wear and tear, making sure it stays in good shape and even boosting its resale value.

Servicing the San Antonio area

If you have seats that have stains, the family car smells a little funky or anything like that we have you covered. Even in the San Antonio area things you get water in your car, you spill some soda, or your kids are always eating in the car. We not only cover San Antonio but a lot of surrounding cities and districts. Such as Helotes, Leon Valley, Leon Springs, Castle Hills and Alamo Heights to name a few to check if we service your area check out our Service area section or give us a call. Our Mobile services go far beyond San Antonio. 

What Texans Think?

“My car had a bad moldy smell due to rain water getting in my car. I knew this was bad for me, so I got my seat and carpet shampooed the smell was gone and they mold stains are gone." 

John R. 

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